Monsanto is a disgusting horrible  bound for hell company   and all who ride it.  This company is a cancer.  From the stockholders who turn their heads and don’t want to know, to the greedy, dirty, slimy, disgusting higher-ups who have sold their souls to worse than the devil. Demons  RAKSHASAS  VILE SPIRITS. I Hate them   And I pity their dense, humble, stupid, low consciousness, ignorant, non-caring, tv watching, beer drinking, meat eating, sugar guzzling, racist employees who don’t want to know.   All of them will end up in a circle of hell reserved for those who destroy the earth and the innocents.  Monsanto lies, plots,  intimidates writers, hires criminals to enforce their ill deeds and cares not whom it ruins.  Payback is hell  and they will get theirs. God doesn’t like ugly. If Colonel Saunders is reborn 4 billion times as a chicken, then Monsanto developers will live in a trillion yottabyte universes as  tortured entities. 

The hummingbirds came back this morning—hovering at the deck window asking for sugar water.  It’s BEEN spring!  Where were they?

 by Lily Wan
Its been three years. Three years between district and appellate court, between Washington and New York among 83 plaintiffs and the agribusiness giant.
     Finally, the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association’s case against Monsanto, a multinational (yeah they tried to use their patent of the neem tree in India to charge everyone $5 who had one in their yard

Six Drone Sites Selected Acrpss US

From Space Alert
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

The Electronic Frontier Foundation reported in December that commercial unmanned aerial systems are set to start flying over US airspace in 2015. In November, the Federal Aviation Administration released its final privacy rules for the six drone “test sites” that the agency will use to evaluate how drones will be integrated into domestic air traffic.

University of Alaska
Sate of Nevada
New York’s Griffin International Airport
North Dakota Department of Commerce
Texas A and M University-Corpus Christi
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)

Alchemy on Jeju Island

by Koohan Paik

…huge, high-tech navy (US) base being built on Jeju island coastline…
Update: environmental destruction, incarceration, depression

    Today, almost eight years since the announcement of the base project, the Gangjeong costline is unrecognizable, carpeted with enormous stacked cement forms of varying shapes and sizes that resemble a giant’s erector set. The 86 species of seaweed and over 500 species of mollusks-once food for the village-have all but perished. The sea is no longer a clear dark blue, but grayish brown. Gargantuan concrete cubes called “caissons” 10 stories high apiece, sit on the ocean floor where biodiverse coral habitats once thrived. On land an enormous rebar mold for manufacturing the caissons looms hideously over the horizon. The rumbling and scraping sounds of construction fill the air night and day. The base is slated to start operation in 2015.
    To add insult to injury, resistance leaders are jailed for months on end, often caught in a revolving door of multiple prison sentences.  Currently, three beloved individuals languish unjustly behind bars:22-year-old Kim Eun-hye, Brother Park Do-hyun, and film critic Yang Yoon-mo, who has been incarcerated for about a year. [First two released just as we go to print.]
    Depression and suicidal tendencies have skyrocketed in Gangjeong, according to the Jeju media. Women weep in the streets. Often there are scant visitors to boost morale (and the visitors really do make a positive difference). During the winter when it’s off season for tourists, they feel alone and helpless against the cranes, dredges, and cops of the transnational defense industry’s destructive juggernaut.

Community Creativity
     Someone once asked Gangjeong Mayor Kang Dong-kyun “What keeps you going?” He said “Knowing that this is not just for me, not just for my children, or my children’s children, or for my ancestors. It is for  world peace.” But Mayor  Kang left out a key component as to how the villagers have maintained their resilience for as long as they have: through dance. As silly as it may sound, a series of four wacky dances that celebrate Gangjeong has served as an indispensable catharsis ritual that ends each day. The villagers will also spontaneously break out into the Gangjeong dances when times get tough, such as what happened upon the tearful announcement at the International Union for Conservation of Nature convention [meeting on Jeju in 2012] that a resolution to stop base construction had been defeated. It’s how they let off steam so they can keep going.
     In a certain sense, Gangjeong uses creativity as a weapon in psychic self-defense. Once the villagers mounted a film festival of anti-war videos directly in the gaze of a row of riot cops surrounding the base. It is as if for every harsh blow, every broken bone, every dead dolphin. every prison sentence, every fine levied upon them, they emerge with  a surprising rejoinder of equal, positive force. Recently they lined the village streets with  six-foot high stacks of books, 30,000 in all, creating both political art and a library al fresco-a stunning visual juxtaposition against the squadron of police.
     Perhaps this is the alchemy that can heal all of Korea.


The Screaming Man  Calls on Allah

There is a chair,
an ordinary chair.
A man in Arab clothes
is seated in the chair.
His legs are tied to the legs.
His arms are tied to the arms.
His chest is tied against the back.
A strap around his forehead
pulls his head back as far
as it can be pulled. The strap
is tied to the chair. 

My computer screen caption says
that he has been tied for three hours
that he is not being tortured
that he is being punished.
That, between screams,
he calls on Allah.
His offense? We are not told.
How long will this go on?
MSNBC does not know.

Beyond the chair is a half-wall.
Beyond, an open door with
desert heat and sun outside.
In that doorway stands another man:
combat boots, camouflage uniform,
large helmet, M16 held stiff in front;
a face no more than 19.

He has been ordered to guard
the screaming man. He has been
watching the screaming man
for the same three hours
of his screaming. Eyes wide,
he is following orders.

When they come to untie him,
the screaming man may never be able
to lift his head normally again-his
vertebrae are permanently damaged.
If he is released, he will hate,
and teach others to hate.
That, we do not need to be told.

One question remains, which
only the future will answer.
In the brain, under the GI helmet,
in the mind behind those eyes
glittering in horror, what
is slouching waiting to be born?

Marylou Streznewski
VFP Newsletter Fall 2013